FERNANDES tHE Revival JAPAN 1978 FENDER STRAT 1 to 1 Superb Reissue in Manila, National Capital Region for sale

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absolute Stunner Reissue '78 Strat by FERNANDES ; JAPAN !!
Fernandes HighEnd Answer on Fender's too HEAVY '78/'79 Strats, SuperEasy to Play, excellent TONE, far Lighter + easier to Handle than
"that late '70s ERA-Fenders"...an allAround Super-PRO-Guitar!! Quite collectable too... very sought after in Europe+US!! they sell there 800-950$$!
this is a Catch at my offered Price!!
call us anyday past 1pm pls instead Pmail here...
the NR. here in profile!!
or use: baboocat at gmail. com