Welding Electrodes in Manila, National Capital Region for sale

Welding Electrodes
Welding Electrodes
Welding Electrodes

CAST IRON ELECTRODES: PhP 1800/kg for non-machinable and PhP 800/kg for machinable.
CARBON ELECTRODES: Used for gouging or cutting thru materials and welded joints.PhP 10/pc.
COPPER-NICKEL ALLOY ELECTRODES: ENiCu electrodes for welding types of copper-nickel steel. Highly resistant to corrosion like those used in marine applications. PhP 1000/kg.
ALUMINUM BRONZE ELECTRODES: CuAl-A2 include: building up bearing surface, joining copper alloys and repair welding such as ship propellers and bearings. PhP 1200/kg.
LOW TO MEDIUM CARBON STEEL ELECTRODES. Eutectic-Castolin 66 is E70XX classification category for low-hydrogen welding. PhP 700//kg.
Aluminum and Silver brazing rods also available.