GRAND HYATT MANILA Veritown Fort 2 bedroom 3 bedroom condo Global City in Manila, National Capital Region for sale


Veritown Fort elevates life in the Global City with the rise of magnificent glass sculptures that belong in the center of the New York skyline, but are found only in the skies of North Bonifacio. A lifestyle transformed by the exceptional luxury of iconic brands like the Grand Hyatt
Veritown Fort
Park West turnover 2nd quarter 2016
Central Park West turnover Dec 2016
Madison Park West turnover Dec 2017
Times Square West turnover Dec 2018
Unit size and choice
1 bedroom 39 to 42 sqm
2 bedroom 51 to 89 sqm
3 bedroom 78 to 101 sqm
Grand Hyatt Residences turnover DEC 2016
Unit size and choice
2 bedroom 104 119 sqm
3 bedroom 133 145, 170 sqm
4 bedroom 300 sqm
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